In today's boat market, market forces have created the "usual" pre-purchase "condition and value" survey. This is a non-destructive inspection of the vessel to check its condition, check its systems for basic operation and compliance with applicable rules and standards, compliance and availability of current documents and Class requirements, look for any warning signs that may recommend a subsequent full inspection by a specialist if necessary.
The key point is that the survey is a limited test. This is the level of inspection that the market is used to paying for and that insurance companies accept. As a general rule, an inspector will not dismantle permanent parts of a vessel to gain access to areas he cannot see, so some areas will not be inspected. And this is a shot of the vessel at that particular moment - and you have to understand that there is no guarantee that a component working during the test will not suddenly reach the end of its life next week.
For a surveyor, these can be the most difficult tasks - not because of the difficulty of inspecting the vessel, but because of the parties involved. The surveyor is hired by the buyer and works for him. But the broker and the owner are also stakeholders, and everyone wants the deal to go through. SQRS is well aware of this and has clear codes of ethics.

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SQRS provides a professional pre-purchase ship inspection service for pre-purchase assessment of pre-owned shipping assets. We provide standardized inspection reports which bring reliable and accurate assessment of vessel conditions to our clients.

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